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  This form should be filled out by the course owner for the purpose of adding users to their Blackboard classes, users not already added by the registration process. This form is not for adding registered students. Add/Drop is handled by the registrar and automatically updates your Blackboard rosters. This form will authorize CIT to add TAs, and other instructors to existing blackboard classes, and up to six regular students in extenuating circumstances. The form should be filled out once for each request.

For a number greater than six, please email CIT to discuss the issue.

After submission, you will recieve a confirmation email with a copy of your request. Please forward that email to cit@easternct.edu from your Eastern Email to confirm your request. The request will be completed when we receive your confirmation.
Please provide your Eastern Email ONLY
Please copy the full course section names directly from your Blackboard course list. Insufficent data in this area will result in you having to fill out the form again.

e.g., ECSU40380.201440: Spring 2014 SWK-312-02 Human Behavior In Social Envir
If you are adding another faculty member for the purpose of having them copy your material to their class, please choose Instructor Access Level.
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